App Development

Our team has been building mobile solutions for over 10 years. This experience means we can deliver fully integrated solutions including mobile internet sites, augmented reality, mobile coupons, mCRM and location based services.  We have the expertise to utilise Bluetooth, QR Codes, SMS and MMS, GPRS and newer technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) in the development of apps.

After many years in the mobile industry, we know better than anyone else the importance of ‘collaborative development’. We work alongside you to determine the best solution for your budget. You are involved in the development process every step of the way to ensure your requirements and objectives are met and your app has the best chance of success.

Our expertise and knowledge branches into the following mobile operating systems:

Re-Skinning / App Flipping

New to the app business or not a developer, there is a solution.  Buying source code and re-skinning it is an affordable easy way to get apps under your developer account. Re-Skinning which is also known as app flipping is when you purchase a source code, change the graphics, change the name of the app and splash screens so the app functionality is the same however the look is totally different. Our professional graphic designers offer custom themes that we can use to skin a source code, or we can create custom graphics for your app using your ideas.

App flipping is a great way to get apps showing up on your developer account, and increase traffic to your developer page. Having a good developer portfolio is a great way to turn over large amounts of revenue from multiple apps.

App Deployment

Simply stated, app deployment allows one of our professional developers to upload the app to the AppStore with all development certificates and profiles needed in place. Keep reading for a more detailed description.

Our professional development team can have your app status to “waiting for review” in a few hours.  New developers find out that the daunting task of preparing their machine for releasing apps is a little more complicated than just uploading.  Our team will prepare all the profiles, in-app purchase id’s, iCloud containers, game center leaderboards and achievements or any other aspect of your app that needs developer account setup.  We upload the app to the AppStore and you sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Graphic Assets

Our professional designers deliver sleek graphics for any mobile app.  We take you from initial user experience wireframe all the way through to high fidelity designs.  Our designers will create stunning app icons, screenshots and UI graphics to draw attention to your app.  App Icons and screenshots offer a first impression to what your app will offer, enticing the buyer to download and use your app.

Overlooking the visual elements and promotional material of your app can be one of the major factors of causing it to fail.  Visual design and app flow go hand in hand. Apps today must offer a pleasant feel and user experience to be successful in the marketplace.

AppStore ASO

App Store Optimization is like SEO for Apps. It improves app distribution by increasing search ranking for apps in an AppStore. Our professional marketing team give you the optimal data to give your app the best chances to achieve a high standing in the search rankings. With hundreds of thousands of apps in each app store competing for high search ranking, apps without the proper optimisation are lost at the bottom.  ASO is one of the differentiating factors between a successful app and a failed attempt.  The amazing reality is that the majority of publishers are not investing in app store optimization. Don’t be one of them.


  • Keyword optimization (KWO)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • App Description
  • App NameTitle

Source Codes

High quality source codes with one on one support are available for you to start making money.  All our source codes are fully documented and offer one on one personal support for any issues you may have with re-skinning.  Source codes are screened, tested and are always available on the app store before we offer them to you. We are committed to only provide and feature quality iOS source code for sale that are easy to reskin and that we know will make a nice turnover for you and your business.